About The App

What it is... What it is not...

About The App

A simple mobile interface that allows an iDevice to be used as a Kneeboard for your SimPit. Currently enabling mobile access to community provided maps created by Delta Consulting https://www.deltaconsultingsc.com/. Get quick access to System Navigation Charts, Terminal Area Charts, No-Fly Zones, and the Systems Facility Directory. An app created for personal use shared with the community.

Up To Date

Seemless access to updated charts and maps as they are made available by the community. Notifications are enabled to let you know when updated content has been added. Ready to expand as more Star Systems are added.

Simple To Use

Charts and maps are grouped to provide quick access to pertinent data. Locations in the systems facility directory are connected with their No-Fly zone data and relevant Terminal Area Charts.

Efficient Design

Minimalist design created to provide a responsive interface on old iDevices. Provides quick access to relevant information themed to match the charts and maps made accessible in the application.

Community Powered

Without the great content provided by the community and specifically Delta Consulting this app would not be possible. Support them and the great resource they provde to the Star Citizen community.

Looking To Customize

We are interested in hearing about additional features the community would like added to the app. Let us know what you think and how we can improve your experience.

Free of Charge

Provided at no cost to users. No user signup required. No logins and passwords. Just quick access to relevant data with no cost to your wallet or your privacy.